Tenth Time’s The Charm?

I don’t like yogurt. I LOVE cheese and milk and ice cream and cream cheese, and I even think sour cream is okay. But yogurt, to me, tastes and smells like something that has gone far past the expiration date. For the record, I feel this way about cottage cheese, too, but I’m going to keep the focus on yogurt for the sake of this blog entry. Bottom line: I like a lot of healthy foods, but I don’t like yogurt. Yuck. Blech.

However, as I continue my journey toward a greener, healthier lifestyle (and toward losing the five pounds that perpetually hover in my mid-section), I’ve decided that yogurt, Greek yogurt to be exact, should be a part of my food repertoire. The benefits are amazing. It has tons of protein, it’s low in sodium and carbohydrates and it’s easier to digest, which is good for me because you all know I have digestive difficulties. It’s also good for bone health, boosts the immune system and could very well fight off cancer. It’s a crazy super food, and I’ve decided I need to eat it.

But I hate the taste.

I’ve heard it takes ten tries to like a food. For the sake of challenging myself and being a good example for Dylan who won’t try anything new (and who, ironically, loves yogurt), I’ve decided to eat Greek yogurt every day for ten days. For obvious reasons, the flavor I’ve chosen to start with is chocolate. For anyone who cares to know further, the brand I’ve chosen is Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Nonfat Yogurt.

I’m on day two of this ridiculous challenge, and I’m writing this blog in between taking tiny, unpleasant bites of the sour stuff. Even the chocolate hasn’t won me over yet, but I’m keeping at it and will try to include Dylan in the game. This is wishful thinking, I’m sure. Last night, when Dylan refused to eat anything for dinner, I asked him if he wanted to have chocolate yogurt. He said, “Chocolate? Yogurt?” and laughed. Then he said, “Mommy, “M&Ms have chocolate and yogurt. Can I have that for dinner?” After some heated debate, we settled on cream cheese on whole grain crackers and an apple & strawberry fruit squeezer.

I’m hoping to make some progress tomorrow. (I’m talking about Dylan and me.) I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. >i don't like eating greek yogurt plain but if you add a muffin to it….


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