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Risky Business (and a craft idea)

Being a Crafty Mama to two busy, little boys is risky business and often results in a Disappointed Mama who knows full well that she sometimes tries too hard but can’t stop herself from trying again.  And again.  And again.

Some (pretty awesome) homemade Halloween costumes that were never worn come to mind.

Homemade card making sessions are also full of peril.  Just last week, there were fights and tears over glue and stickers when we made Mike’s Father’s Day cards.  I couldn’t help but pester Dylan about how lazy his handwriting has become after being out of school for just one week, and half way through the project, he whined, “I don’t want to do this anymore…I’m tired.”  It was explosive, but we got her done:

Stickers of Daddy’s favorite things!  (Yes, those are beer stickers.)

There have been some crafty successes, too.  My potty training charts were well received by both kids:

Some of my chores charts have received two thumbs up, too:

One of my finest crafty accomplishments was Dylan’s “Cars 2” countdown calendar:

On the eve of our Legoland Florida adventure, I’ve embarked on a craft project that will either be one of the best or worst ideas I’ve ever had.  I’ve made travel journals for the boys (after Legoland, we go to San Francisco in July and Boston in August).

Here are the covers (I offered them crayons and markers to decorate, but they declined):

Inside each three-ring binder is a cover page for each trip and a folder for scrapbooky things we collect along the way, like tickets and maps:

Each day, the boys will fill out one of these journal pages with questions about their day and space to draw a picture (I’m packing markers and, of course, I’ll help with the writing).

They sell photo pockets for these binders, too, so I’ll print out some pictures when we get back and add them to the books.

I’m almost always more enthusiastic about these projects than the boys, so I’m hopeful but cautious.  Sadly, a Mama’s craft projects can only be rejected so many times before she develops a thick, protective skin.  Who am I kidding!  I’ll be heartbroken if/when they reject these travel journals.  Mike will shake his head (again) and wonder why I did this to myself (again), and in a fit of rage, I might light the journals on fire or throw them in the hotel pool.   (I’ve never done anything like that before.  If it happens, I’ll ask Mike to film it.)

Whether or not my boys accept or reject these journals, if I can inspire just one Mama out there to get crafty with her children, then my efforts – and potential pain and suffering – will have been worth it.  I’ll report back soon with either two beautifully decorated travel journals or a police report.

Okay, gotta go.  As Dylan would say, I have “so too much” packing to do.

Do you get crafty with your kids?  Do they like it?

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Expect The Unexpected

Whenever a new parent asks me for advice, I always tell them to expect the unexpected. The mere act of conceiving a baby might take two weeks or two years. And that’s just the beginning. With Dylan, I had preeclampsia and an unplanned c-section at 37 weeks. With Riley, I had premature labor at 31 weeks and a postpartum ventral hernia. And the surprises just keep coming. This week has been no exception.

Halloween. Last year, Dylan boycotted Halloween. It started with a refusal to wear a costume. This didn’t surprise me because he also won’t wear long sleeved shirts, shirts with collars, pajamas, pants, sweatshirts, hats or jackets. But his refusal to go trick or treating…that caught me off guard. In hindsight, the boycott probably had a lot to do with his general unhappiness about the arrival of his baby brother, Riley. To say that he experienced sibling jealousy is an understatement. I did whatever I could to change his mind, but in the end, he sat last year out.

I was prepared for another boycott this year, but I also bought some “non-costume” Halloween accessories (wings, tails, etc.) and armed myself with some basic craft supplies in case he followed through with his talk about being a bug, a car, a bug and a car together, a bug catcher or Lightning Speed McQueen. At least he was talking about costumes, right?

On the day before Halloween and just a few hours before we were heading out to a Halloween party, he said definitively that he wanted to be Speed McQueen and go trick or treating. He described to me exactly what he wanted his costume to look like, including where the wheels should be placed on his feet. Crafty Mama took over and I made him the cutest, homemade, “non-costume” Speed McQueen costume you’ve ever seen (well, I think so). Mike and I were so proud of him, and of course, we were also completely surprised.

In case you’re wondering, Riley wore a Bumble Bee costume, including the hood, and he loved every minute of Halloween except for when I said, “No more candy.” 

The flu. On Monday, I woke up feeling nervous but didn’t know why. I went to yoga class and thought it was strange that some of the poses made me feel nauseous. By 2pm that afternoon, I was immobile. As it turned out, the nerves were aches and pains and the nausea was, well, nausea. I was so sick that Mike had to leave work to take care of the kids. I dragged myself to the doctor on Tuesday morning to be told I had the flu. Surprise! Ironically, “get flu shot” was at the top of my to do list this week. My doctor put me on Tamiflu and sent me home to rest.

We went into crisis mode at home. Mike took a personal day, the laundry and dishes piled up and I slept. Every few hours, Dylan would come in the bedroom and ask, “Mommy, are you feeling better?” or “Mommy, did you take your medicine?” Then Riley would come trotting in with toys and place them on the bed next to me like little offerings. It was sweet.

I woke up on Wednesday morning feeling a lot better and with enough energy to take the kids to and from school. I was even able to walk into the kitchen without heaving. I’m still recovering and eating a mostly soup diet, but I’m back among the living and putting the house back together.

Bathroom Checker. One thing I’ve learned about boys since having two of my own is that they are not chatty. When I ask Dylan what he does at school, he usually says, “I play.” “With what?” “Toys,” he says. “With whom?” “I don’t know,” he says. He’s in nursery school this year, and there’s a lot more structure and responsibility for the kids. For instance, each child is assigned a weekly job like flag holder, weather checker, snack helper, line leader, etc.

The only way I know what Dylan’s job is on a weekly basis is to (1) ask a mother of one of the girls in the class…the girls tell their mothers everything, (2) wait for the curriculum summary that comes home in his backpack on Fridays or (3) look on the job board in his classroom. I’ve considered it my personal parenting challenge every week to get Dylan to tell me what is job is before stooping to the above options, and it has never worked…until yesterday. Surprise!

I was on the phone in the kitchen when Dylan walked in and blurted out, “I’m the bathroom checker.” Normally I get annoyed when Dylan interrupts me on the telephone. Why is that my kids have nothing to say to me until the phone rings? But this time I was thrilled. I hammered him with questions. “What does the bathroom checker do? Do you clean the bathroom? Do you remind the kids to wash their hands after they pee? Do you tell the kids when it’s their turn to go?” He said nothing more. Apparently our chat was over. I’m tempted to check the job board to see if “bathroom checker” is even a real job, but I’m kind of enjoying the ambiguity of it right now. And besides, I’ll know for sure on Friday.

In life, and especially in parenthood, surprises lurk around every corner. Some are good (Halloween and bathroom checker) and some are not so good (the flu), but they make the journey an interesting one.

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