My Faves

Here’s a sampling of my favorite essays, memes, and other social media content. From Huffington Post to Scary Mommy to The Mighty to the Today Show, my work about everything from colonoscopies to sensory processing disorder to lice has been seen all round the Interwebs.

When a food truck “Invasion” is about way more than food. Invasion (Mamalode)

This one will make you itchy. Sorry not sorry. The Runaway Mama’s Guide To Preventing Lice (Huffington Post)

I have two words for you: poop log. A Few Things I Can’t Believe I Did As A New Mom (Scary Mommy)

I’m a Janitor. How about you? Types of Gift Openers on Christmas


Finding Dory was unforgettable. What Dory’s Memory Loss Reminded Me About My Son With Sensory Processing Disorder (The Mighty)

Spoiler alert. It wasn’t a letter about lice. The Letter From School I Never Expected (Huffington Post)

The Today Show thinks I’m funny. True story! Look here and here and here and here and here and here.

Mad Libs With Boys. And another Spoiler Alert… Poop. (Sorry.)


Colonoscopies happen to the best of us. This is one of my most popular essays because everyone has a colon. 12 Reasons Why Colonoscopies Are Awesome!

Summer vacation happens, too. Here’s how to make it the best one ever. The Runaway Mama’s Guide to Having the Best Summer Ever With Your Kids

What do teachers really want for Valentine’s Day? I have some thoughts.


Kids and pants. It’s complicated. What You Should Know About Boys Who Don’t Like To Wear Pants (Sammiches & Psych Meds)

See also: Kids and coats. The Runaway Mama’s Guide to Getting Your Kid to Wear a Coat

Warning. Pro Tips ahead!  School pictures are the worst.


Warning: It does go by fast! When We Outgrow Our Path (The Good Mother Project)

You guys, sensory processing disorder is complicated. When My Kids Wanted To Try Soda, I Said Yes (The Mighty)

Living with a sever picky eater is hard, especially during the holidays. Here are some tips. 7 Tips To Cope With Picky Eaters During The Holidays (Bonbon Break)

My my kids’ science fair project is awesome!