What A Difference A Day Makes

Whereas my house has been full of family and frolicking kids for five days, everyone has left or is preparing to leave, and the only sound I’ll soon here is Dylan and Riley fighting over toys.

Whereas Riley slept until 6:20am yesterday and took a two-hour nap in the afternoon, today he woke up first at 4:00am and then again at 5:30am.  There is no nap in sight, and I predict a cranky afternoon.
Whereas Dylan had a rough weekend that left us all worried sick, he stayed at school all day yesterday and went to a basketball class after school for the first time.  He wouldn’t participate, but he watched without any crying, and this morning he told me he wants to stay at school all day and go to basketball class again.  Even better – are you sitting down? – he’s wearing a new shirt.  And it was his idea.
If you told me yesterday the sky was orange and the sea was purple, I would have thought you were nuts.  Today, though, I would consider it.  Anything is possible.
What a difference a day makes.

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