Cars A Million

Last weekend’s Mommy/Daddy/Dylan “Cars 2” movie date morphed into a Daddy/Dylan movie date on Saturday (with a large bucket of popcorn) and a Mommy/Dylan movie date on Sunday (also with a large bucket of popcorn).  Dylan made out like bandit!  He saw “Cars 2” twice and gorged on movie popcorn two days in row.   Poor little Riley got nothing but his green nose wiped for the weekend.  He may only be two, but he knew Dylan was going somewhere more interesting than Costco.

What did we all think of the movie?  Dylan loved it so much wants to know when “Cars A Million” is coming out (his new favorite number).  Mike and I both agreed the movie was fun and flashy (and full of toy marketing opportunities…we’re screwed), but it didn’t come close to the storytelling genius of the first one.  We were also a little bit disappointed that a lot of the cars from the first movie didn’t make it into the new film.  In any case, Dylan didn’t seem to notice or care, especially since some the new cars had wings, submarine fins and “shooters.”  “Shooters” is Dylan-talk for guns and missile launchers.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Dylan wants to see the movie again, so on the eve of this Fourth of July weekend, we’re planning Dylan’s third, Mike’s and my second, and drum roll, Riley’s first trip to the movie theater to see “Cars 2.”  Riley might not last much longer than the previews, but this I know for sure:  Dylan will love the movie (again), he’ll eat large bucket of popcorn (again) and, most definitely, he’ll ask to see the movie a million more times.

I hope the DVD is released quickly.  Movie tickets are expensive!

What are you up to this weekend?

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