Mastering the art of…

Could it be that I’ve mastered the art of packing?  Probably not, but considering we’re leaving for our Captiva Island family vacation on Saturday morning, Mike won’t get home from London until around midnight on Friday night, our house sitter situation is still relatively uncertain and Tropical Storm Emily seems to be on a direct path toward my front door, my anxiety levels could be a lot worse.

In theory, packing should be easier this year.  On last year’s vacation, Riley was sleeping in a crib and Dylan was sleeping on a toddler aerobed in a tent on the floor.  This year, both boys will sleep in twin beds.  We don’t need to bring crib sheets or a stroller, we don’t have to rent a high chair, and we’re leaving Dylan’s “vacation tent” at home.  (Wish us luck on that one!) 

Still, we have to bring diapers, a potty seat cover, bath toys, a plastic step stool, Dylan’s bedside lamp, books, movies and toys.  Not to mention several bags of food and snacks, laundry detergent and other miscellaneous household items.  I’m packing a cooler filled with jugs of Kefir for Riley (we may not find it at the local island grocery store and I don’t want to be on the same island as him if he doesn’t get his daily fix), and since pink eyes and green noses tend to follow us to exotic, tropical locales, I’m also packing lots of ibuprofen and every leftover bottle of eye drops I can find in my medicine cabinet.  Oh, and then there’s our actual luggage.  I’m packing light this year!  Really, I am…

Even with most of “babyhood” behind us, our car will definitely be filled to the gills.  A few bags will end up in my sister-in-laws car, and we’ll inevitably say (at least I will) that we wish we had a minivan.  If all goes as planned, we’ll be on our merry way by 11am on Saturday.  Take that, Tropical Storm Emily!

All in all, I have a good feeling about this trip.  I know the change in scenery won’t necessarily translate to a change in routine.  Riley will probably wake up before dawn.  Dylan will refuse to eat anything but macaroni & cheese.  I will wish I had more time to read my book.  But I refuse to give in to the cynicism! There will be beach walking, waterslide frolicking, shell collecting, late afternoon napping, wine drinking, and, if we’re lucky, one or two nights of kid-free dining.

I’m going to savor every minute of this vacation because when we get back, we’ll be dropped directly into the hamster wheel of fall.  The kids start school on August 22nd.  Dylan and Riley have birthday parties to attend every weekend until the New Year.  My 9th anniversary is on September 1st and then Mike’s birthday and mine are at the end of the month.  Next are Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Dylan turns five in early December (FIVE!) and then it’s Hanukkah and Christmas time.  It will be 2012 before I even finish unpacking from this trip! 

As I write all of this, I’m wondering what to do for Dylan’s birthday party.  And the kids need new sneakers before school starts.  And I wonder if we can get a babysitter for our anniversary/birthdays.  And what costumes will the kids wear for Halloween? And when will we take a picture for our holiday card?  And what will we buy the kids for Hanukkah and Christmas?  Holy cow, I’m nuts.  Regardless of my newfound packing mojo, I mastered the art of worrying a long time ago.

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