Is a Bus a Truck?

Given my prominent status (Mama), I’m often asked really important questions.  Just the other day, Dylan asked, “Mommy, is a bus a truck?”  This is how I replied:

My dear Dylan…

Is a bus a truck?

A great question, you ask!

Figuring it out

Will be an important task.

A truck is a truck.

This much is true.

And a bus is a bus.

I know this, too.

And just so you know,

A bus is not a car.

But a sedan, convertible,

and station wagon are.

A car is not a truck

Or a bus that bumps along.

But a truck can be a monster

Or a truck can be long.

Like a dump truck that’s big

Or a dump truck that’s small.

But a dump truck will never

Ever be as tall

As a crane, a skyscraper,

Or a full grown giraffe.

But if a dump truck were filled with monkeys

You would have a big laugh.

Like if a cement truck spun bubbles,

Or a digger dug ham on rye,

Or a steamroller rolled dough

To make motorcycle pie.

A motorcycle is a bike

And a bike can be a scooter,

Or a shiny red moped,

But a pink one would be cuter.

Back to the bus

That brings kids to school,

Or makes stops around the city

To places that are cool.

A tow truck will help

If you’re stuck in the muck,

And I bet you’d like to hear about

A different kind of truck.

There are trucks that carry mail.

It’s fun to get a letter!

There are trucks that carry ice cream.

Now that’s even better!

But back to the question

That started this whole thing.

Was it something about a van?

Or, does a plane have a wing?

Did you ask about a boat?

Or wonder what’s an SUV?

Was it something about a train,

A blimp or trolley?

Wait a minute,

I remember now.

You asked about a truck

And a bus and cow.

Well, not the cow,

But it helped with this rhyme.

Animals are helpful

Every single time.

Is a bus a truck?

Is a truck a bus?

How can one question

Cause such a big fuss?

My dear Dylan…

Mamas know a lot

About a lot of stuff.

Is a bus a truck?

I hope this answer is enough.

There are so many things that

Zip, zoom and go.

About the bus and truck

This is what I know.

A truck is a truck

And a bus is a bus.

But a bus is not a truck

And a truck is not a bus.





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