Fortunate Friday

 This is what I know for sure today:

For better or for worse, every Mama I saw today had one eye on her kid(s) and one eye on her smartphone.  I was kinda, sorta one of them.  (Disappointed-In-Herself Mama.)  On the upside, there was a Mama at the museum wearing a really pretty shirt, and while the boys played in the museum’s discovery play center, I found it online.  (Smart, Detective Mama!)  When we finally got home, I bought it online.  (Shopaholic Mama.)

One Mama, one bag, two young kids, and an escalator are a risky proposition.

Rain is sad (according to Dylan), but popcorn in the rain is not sad (also according to Dylan).

Not even a cocktail umbrella can get my kids to eat – or taste, touch, or smell – a (homemade) turkey burger.

Any Friday the 13th I spend with my boys at the vet (Harry needed shots), Daddy’s office (Harry needed a place to crash while the boys and I did something fun), the Museum of Science and Discovery (the something fun), and home watching “The Adventures of Tintin” (fun movie) is a lucky fortunate Friday the 13th.

How was your day?

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