Word Problems IV

If a Mama has 15 sippy cups in a cabinet, 4 sippy cups in the dishwasher, 2 sippy cups in the boys’ backpacks at school, and 2 sippy cups in the drying rack next to the sink, how many total sippy cups does a Mama have for TWO children?

23.  Good grief.


How many snow globes must be broken – sending shards of glass, water (I think), and “snow” glitter flying all over the family room carpet – before a Mama realizes her three-year-old should not have snow globe holding privileges?



A Mama starts bedtime at 8:03 p.m. and it ends at 9:47 p.m.  For how many minutes does the torture of bedtime make that Mama wonder what possessed her to ever have children in the first place?

104 minutes.  (Don’t worry.  The next morning, the Mama remembers how much joy and happiness her children bring to her life.  That is, until she has to wrestle her three-year-old into his car seat to get to school on time.  Then, she has more bad thoughts.  When she picks them up at school that afternoon, though, and they look at her like she’s the only person on the planet who matters, she realizes what a gift motherhood is.  That is, until dinnertime, when her five-year-old refuses to sit at the table – for even five minutes! – and her three-year-old cries because she won’t let him eat marshmallows for dinner.  Eventually, though, she laughs because her five-year-old asks her if she’s “happy at him” and her three-year-old says “mushroom” instead of “marshmallow,” and she falls in love with her children all over again.  That is, until bedtime…)


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