From One Mama To Another: 20 Questions for Bree Mobley

In today’s “From One Mama To Another: 20 Questions” interview, I’d like to introduce Bree Mobley.  I met Bree through the big, bad world of mommy blog networking.  She’s a young, new Mama with an independent spirit and an adorable baby boy, and she sleeps waaaay later than me. Please give Bree’s blog, ParentTrapped, some love!

Introducing fellow Mama, Bree Mobley (in her own words):

Name: Bree Mobley

Age: 20

Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

About my kid(s): Maverick Drizzt, 3 months old

About me: I’m a Stay-at-Home Mama and prime blogger at ParentTrapped.  I’m passionate about parenting, drawing, writing sci-fi fiction, comics, and photography. My biggest pet peeve is when I can hear someone eating.

This morning, I woke up at… 10am. Early for me, but my son was wiggling, kicking, and smiling at me.

The last book I read (and actually finished) was… “Ink Exchange” by Melissa Marr. Amazing urban faerie tale.

In one word, pregnancy is… HARD.

As a Mama, I’m really good at… putting my son to sleep and comforting him.

As a Mama, I wish I were better at… getting everything else done. LOL.

Proudest parenting achievement: Successfully breastfeeding, advocating breastfeeding, and standing up to those who attempt to stand in the way of breastfeeding.

Biggest parenting challenge: Balancing who I am as a person with the fact that I am now a mama too.

Scariest parenting moment: When I was in labor and our heart rates dropped and I found out I’d have to have a c-section.

Before having children, I wish I had… Finished school.

My #1 parenting rule is… don’t interfere with my parenting methods. LOL.

The most surprising thing about being a Mama is… how much I love this little being. I knew I’d love him but I had no idea how much.

My best piece of advice for a fellow Mama or soon-to-be Mama is… Follow your heart when it comes to your parenting method. Don’t let ANYONE tell you you’re doing something wrong as long as your child is healthy, happy, and completely safe.

The one thing I’d like NOT to pass on to my kids is…  My asthma. My anxiety. My bad habit of having to learn things the hard way.

A perfect day starts with… My son smiling and my boyfriend off from work and ready for a nature walk.

A perfect day ends with… Family cuddles and the Beatles.

I’m a Guilty Mama when… I give Maverick pumped milk and have my mom watch him for the night so I can have a few glasses of wine…and a romantic night with his father. ;]

I’m a Happy Mama when…I’m with my son. Or when we do a family activity. I’m not hard to please.

I’m a Proud Mama when… Someone fawns over my son or he reaches a milestone. Like right now, he can roll over from his stomach to his back, or his back to his side, he can bear his full weight on his feet, and he is trying very hard to sit up.

Right now, I’m a… Tired and Wet Mama. (Just got out of the shower, dying my hair.)

Motherhood is… the most beautiful and heart warming experience I’ve ever had. Truly, I think I was made to do this. Nothing feels better to me.



If you would like to participate in a future “From One Mama To Another: Twenty Questions,” email me at therunawaymama (at) gmail (dot) com.

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