Today, the Runaway Mama is three.

(Three is my favorite number.)

I can only think of a few things I’ve done for three years (or more).  In a row.  Without stopping.  Without wanting to stop.

  1. Dancing.
  2. Parenting.
  3. Writing.

Three things.

All three have required daily practice, truth telling, trust, hope, a sense of humor, courage, a belief that anything is possible, and the knowledge that although you will never (ever) end up where you expect, you will always end up somewhere.

All three have made me feel alive, inspired, and filled with purpose.  On a few precious occasions, all three have allowed me to feel something larger than myself.

All three have been exhausting.

All three have been as hard as hell.

All three have forced me to confront my perfectly imperfect self.  Every. Day.

All three have been worth every bead of sweat, every last tear, every deep breath, every “should I do it?” and every sigh of relief.

All three are a blessing and a reason to celebrate, especially today.  Because today, gosh dangit, the Runaway Mama is three.

Thanks for reading!  And thanks for this gorgeous sunset!



You really shouldn’t have, but thanks anyway.  It made my day.

Happy reading, always.


Jen (a.k.a. The Runaway Mama)


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8 responses to “Three

  1. Congratulations! I always enjoy reading your posts. 🙂


  2. Karen

    Happy 3rd Birthday to the Runaway Mama!! So proud of all you have done and all you continue to do. XOXOXO


  3. Great achievement, congrats


  4. Congrats! Hey, 3 is my fave number too!!!! Have loved reading always – makes my day and I wait for your blogs. Love, H


  5. Happy 3rd anniversary! I think the three things you love are most magical. Keep it up! 🙂


  6. 3 is the magic number – congrats Jen! I got a bottle of gummy vitamins today from the giveaway and thought of you. Funny to think of us back in the day at Brearley. xoxox


    • I know! I love how our lives continue to intersect. Sounds like a novel (…or a short story…or a blog post) in the making! Do you know what happened with Megan? She’s the missing link. If we ever find out she’s a blogger, I’ll probably pass out…and then write about it. Glad you got your gummies!


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