From One Mama To Another: 20 Questions For Erin Black

In today’s “From One Mama To Another: 20 Questions” interview, I’d like to introduce Erin Black.  Erin, her husband, and her three children have dreamed up something so big and fabulous that I just had to share it with you.  They have invented adorable, plush toys called Lyla Tov Monsters that keep bad dreams away.


According to the monster makers:

“With a Lyla Tov Monster in your life, you will never have to worry about ‘scary’ monsters lurking in your closet or under your bed! A single snuggle from your Lyla Tov Monster can ward off the most frightening of dreams and make you feel safe and secure in the comfort of your bedroom.”

Erin’s older daughter, Lyla, inspired the project when she was just three years old.

Lyla headshot_2monster

Lyla Tov means “good night” in Hebrew, which makes the endeavor even more brilliant.

As if being a Mama of three children isn’t exhausting enough, Erin has been cranking out one-of-a-kind Lyla Tov Monsters in her spare time (ha!) from home.  To meet an exponentially growing demand, the family is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to do a big production run of several unique Lyla Tov Monster designs, create a corresponding Lyla Tov Monsters children’s book, and more.

Be sure to click on the links below to support this inspiring project (which includes gobs of giving back, by the way), and to get your  orders placed in time for the holidays!

Aside from the fact that Erin is an Emmy Award winning costume designer, her career has included collaborations with the likes of Big Bird, and she creates actual plush toys from scratch for which people are willing to pay money, we have tons in common, including our fantasy ending to a perfect day – a glass of wine and total silence.  Ah.

Introducing fellow Mama, Erin Black (in her own words):

Name: Erin Black

Age: 39

Hometown: Astoria, New York

About my kids: Lyla age 6; Quinn age 5; Tessa age 2

About me: I am an artist, mother and entrepreneur.  As a costume designer for stage, film and television, I have worked with such notable celebrities as Placido Domingo, Antonio Banderas, Kermit the Frog and Big Bird.  In addition to being “Mom” to my own brood of three little monsters, I am currently the CEO and artistic director of Lyla Tov Monsters (, a family business imagined by my older daughter and made real by the hard work of her parents and our fans and supporters at

This morning, I woke up at… the crack of dawn to the delighted squeals of my one year old.

The last book I read (and actually finished) was… definitely something about how to get my children to eat, sleep or otherwise behave like acceptable individuals.

In one word, pregnancy is… amazing.

As a Mama, I’m really good at… multi tasking.  I can change a diaper, take a business call and make dinner at the same time – all with a baby balanced on my hip.

As a Mama, I wish I were better at…
 thinking of creative things to make for dinner.

Proudest parenting achievement: Keeping my son alive through the terrible twos.

Biggest parenting challenge: Keeping my son alive through the terrible twos.

Scariest parenting moment: Saying goodbye at the door on the first day of  “real” school.

Before having children, I wish I had… traveled the world and slept for a year.

My #1 parenting rule is…
 at least always act like you are in charge.

The most surprising thing about being a Mama is… the magnitude of love that is possible to feel.

My best piece of advice for a fellow Mama or soon-to-be Mama is… Find other moms and create your village.  Motherhood is definitely better with company.

The one thing I’d like NOT to pass on to my kids is… my millions of freckles.

A perfect day starts with… no alarm clock and no tears.

A perfect day ends with… a glass of wine and total silence.

I’m a Guilty Mama when…
I call pizza “dinner” more than two nights a week.

I’m a Happy Mama when… my children say “I love you.”

I’m a Proud Mama when… I watch my children exhibit kindness to others.

Right now, I’m a… Super Sweaty, Sick of Humidity Mama!

Motherhood is… the hardest and most wonderful adventure I have ever embarked on.


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If you would like to participate in a future “From One Mama To Another: Twenty Questions,” email me at therunawaymama (at) gmail (dot) com.

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