From One Mama To Another: 20 Questions For Amanda Nesbot

In today’s “From One Mama To Another: 20 Questions” interview, I’d like to introduce Amanda Nesbot.


Bee-u-tiful family!

Amanda is freelance writer, an aspiring novelist, and a young Mama of a talented six-year-old daughter, Leli.  Leli taught herself how to sew when she was just five years old, and then she taught her Mama how do it!  When I think of all the creative skills my boys could possibly teach me, nothing appropriate for print comes to mind.  Nothing at all.

Anywho… Amanda and I both believe a perfect day starts with an enormous cup of coffee, and we (and most Mamas I know) also wish we’d gone to Italy before having kids.

Introducing fellow Mama, Amanda Nesbot (in her own words):

Name: Amanda Nesbot

Age: 26

Hometown: Queens, New York

About my kids: I have one daughter named Leeana Summer (aka Leli). She’s six years old.

About me:  I am a freelance writer. I formerly worked for American Baby, Parents, and Parenting magazines, but I left because I wasn’t spending enough time writing.  My dream is to finish my first novel that I have been working on for about a year. My favorite color is pink. My favorite show is Homeland. My biggest pet peeve is when adults are unfair to children. My favorite word is imagination.

I also love to sew, which my daughter taught me how to do when she was five years old. She’s always creating things and when she got the sewing machine that was at the top of her Christmas list last year, she learned to make pillows on her own the first time that she used it. Now sewing is a regular, fun bonding experience for us. She even started a website where she sells her creations, and named it herself, A portion of the proceeds goes to Prevent Child Abuse NY.

According to Leli, her pillows are not filled with cotton, but with love, and her goal is to fill up the world’s love tank one pillow at a time. She was featured in Parents magazine, and on She is currently is hosting a challenge in which she is asking others to hand craft every gift that they give this year and share photos of their crafts using the hashtag #HandCraftedLove.

The person who makes the most gifts will win a custom pillow prize pack handcrafted by her.  You can read more about that on my blog

This morning, I woke up at… 7:15am.

The last book I read (and actually finished) was… “The Returned” by Jason Mott. I read like I breathe. I’m always reading a book, and I always finish them. It’s a passion that my daughter also picked up and we have reading hour together at least twice a week. She’s the kid that gets excited if she opens a stack of books on Christmas.

In one word, pregnancy is… magical.

As a Mama, I’m really good at… fostering creativity.

As a Mama, I wish I were better at… getting my daughter physically active.

Proudest parenting achievement: When my daughter was five, she was a keynote speaker at a scholarship event for high school seniors. She inspired them to make magic with their passions the way that she does on her sewing machine.

Biggest parenting challenge: My daughter is very emotionally aware, and doesn’t like for me to worry, so she doesn’t always tell me when things are bothering her.

Scariest parenting moment: When she was two, I got into a minor car accident and her car seat wasn’t strapped in! I cried for a day and a half even though she was fine.

Before having children, I wish I had… gone to Italy with my husband.

My #1 parenting rule is… self-expression is always encouraged and supported.

The most surprising thing about being a Mama is… the way that a small child makes every facet of your life radically better simply by existing.

My best piece of advice for a fellow Mama or soon-to-be Mama is… Your child is a genius. Listen to everything he/she says. You’ll learn more than you can imagine.

The one thing I’d like NOT to pass on to my kids is… my insecurities.

A perfect day starts with… an extra large cup of coffee.

A perfect day ends with… prayers and hugs at bedtime.

I’m a Guilty Mama when… I don’t put my cell phone away during meals.

I’m a Happy Mama when… my daughter feels important.

I’m a Proud Mama when… I watch her spread love and inspiration to others.

Right now, I’m a… Blessed Mama.

Motherhood is… a glimpse of heaven.

You can follow Amanda’s blog –> here <–.


If you would like to participate in a future “From One Mama To Another: Twenty Questions,” email me at therunawaymama (at) gmail (dot) com.

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