I Missed It

He scored a goal at his hockey game. It was only the second goal he’d ever scored in a game, and it was epic.

He’s shy with the puck, and we’d been waiting eagerly for him to score again, feel the thrill, and trust his ability. He finally did it, and it was awesome.

It was the kind of goal that had everyone in the stands – even the parents of the kids on the opposing team – on their feet cheering. The kind that in a movie would’ve happened in slow motion. The kind that propelled the head coach to say, “Now that was the goal of the game.”

So I heard.

You see, I didn’t go to the game, so I missed it.


I can tell that it shifted something inside him. It planted a seed of self-confidence that will blossom soon enough. The sparkle in his eyes is already brighter than it was before. It revealed to him a slice of his true self and the limitlessness of what he’s capable of achieving. When I asked him how he felt when it happened, his answer came fast. “Nervous.”  He might not be aware, but he’ll carry this goal – and it will carry him – throughout his life.

It doesn’t really matter that I didn’t see it – its magic will unfold regardless – but I sure wish I had.

Have you ever missed a big moment?

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One response to “I Missed It

  1. There’ll have plenty of epic, awsome, magic moments you will not miss, and some others that you’ll miss just as this one. And there’ll be plenty of unworthy moments in which you’ll be. And that you’ll miss. As long as you are there whenever they need you…


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