The Runaway Mama’s Solution To Getting Your Kids Excited To Go Back To School


I have a surefire way to get your kids excited to go back to school. It’s so simple that I can hardly believe it myself. Are you ready? Here it is:

Take them on errands.  Several of them.  In a row.  All day.

Here are the basic guidelines for success:

1. Make sure the errand locations are boring. Dull. Mind-numbing. For example, take them to Public Storage to sign a multi-page contract on a 10 X 10 storage unit. Or, go to Fedex Office and wait in a long line to place an order for 500 black & white copies of a PTO flyer. Or, go to Macy’s to buy socks.

2. Do not make it fun. In other words, don’t stop for frozen yogurt, forget the tablets at home (oops!), and listen to talk radio in the car.

3. Make no less than six (but no more than 10 stops) during the day. Be sure the overall length of the journey is at least four hours long, but aim for five to six.

Runaway Mama Tip:

Don’t be a hero. More than ten stops and six hours might result in lunacy (for you AND your children) that can’t be reversed.

4. Do said errands on a day that is hot or rainy or both.

5. If you don’t see results after one full day of errand schlepping, repeat daily as needed. (See below for errand ideas.)

7. Be patient. This totally and completely unauthorized parent hack is guaranteed to work. Eventually, your kids will break. They will be excited to go back to school.


Errand Ideas

Renew your driver’s license.

Bring a prescription to the pharmacy and wait for it to be filled.

Check your tire pressure at the gas station.

Get the car serviced. Wait at the dealership.

Go to your cable company office to exchange equipment.

Apply for a passport.

Wait in line at the post office for a book of stamps.

Exchange shirts for a different size at the school uniform store.

Take the kids for haircuts.

Drop off bags of old clothes at Goodwill.

Register for fall sports. (Forget your proof of residency. Drive back home to get a recent utility bill and then drive back.)

Go to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy silver cleaner and a waterproof mattress pad.

 Do you have any errand ideas to add?



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One response to “The Runaway Mama’s Solution To Getting Your Kids Excited To Go Back To School

  1. ***BRILLIANT***
    I had that gut barf reaction when I saw the title but when I noticed it was from you I knew it wouldn’t be standard 😉
    Now, if you’re so smart n funny, and you ARE, what about once the kids are excited but you yourself are dreading (…middle school for my G — AAAAARRRRGH)?


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