Harry The Bee

TGIF and Happy Halloween!

I have a “spooktacular” surprise! I’m on Mamalode today with an essay about when a bumblebee is way more than a costume and a dog is way more than a pet.

It was a year ago on Halloween night that our sweet Harry lost his fight. Today is a hard day, but I’m holding on tight to my memories of Harry the Bee and the joy his black and yellow stripes and bumblebee wings gave me.

You can read my piece on Mamalode here:

 → http://mamalode.com/story/detail/harry-the-bee ←

As always, thank you for following (and reading! and sharing!) my journey.

p.s. If you leave a comment on Mamalode.com, I’ll send you my leftover Halloween candy. 🙂

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One response to “Harry The Bee

  1. heatherlgreg

    I read the blog on mammalode, I cried. Please don’t send me any candy, but wonderfully written and yes……Harry was a good little bee.


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