We Lost It

I have great news! I’ve been published IN PRINT in the new PRINT issue of Mamalode! Did I mention it’s IN PRINT? It’s a short piece (like Twitter short) called “We Lost It” about forgiving ourselves for the regrettable rage we all sometimes feel and accepting the perfectly imperfect flaws we (and our kids) all have.

To read the digital version of the PRINT publication, click on the link below, then click on the “Read Now” button, and then scroll to page eight. My piece is on the bottom left corner.


Mamalode is an amazing media platform that allows invaluable stories of motherhood (and fatherhood) to be told. Like them on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up to receive their email newsletter. Subscribe to their print magazine. Submit your own work. You never know, you just might get published…IN PRINT!

As always, thank you for supporting me here on the blog and everywhere else my words end up.


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5 responses to “We Lost It

  1. heatherlgreg

    Awesome! And Congrats! Brought tears to my eyes!!!!!!!!


  2. yes, tears! parenting is complicated…


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