On The Run: June 2016


Hey Mamas!

June. An end and a beginning. In the blink of an eye, I switched from packing school lunches to packing a pool bag. My boys requested an unstructured summer this year, and because I’m a Martyr Mother, they’re getting it. Sort of. They are attending a few day camps scattered throughout the summer, because MY SANITY, but mostly, we’re embracing the lazy mornings and freedom of each day. So far so good, but let’s check in again at the end of July. Until then, here are links to all of my work in June.

I wrote “The Runaway Mama’s Guide to Having the Best Summer Ever With Your Kids.” So far, I’ve followed my own advice. (So far.) You can read it here.

I wrote “Weekend Plans,” about attending my first ever blogging conference, which of course included a healthy dose of packing anxiety. You can read it here.

TODAY Parents agreed with me that maybe screens aren’t so bad after all. They included one of my memes in their weekly round-up of funny parents. You can see it here.

I wrote about how devouring the devastation in Orlando sent me down a rabbit hole of negativity (and gave me a pimple). You can read “Feasting on Tragedy” here.

“Taking pictures of young kids is so easy.” – said no parent ever. TODAY Parents featured my short and sweet essay, “Say Cheese!” about the frustration of taking pictures of kids. You can read it here.

I tackled the great school paper dump in “The Runaway Mama’s Guide to Organizing You Kid’s Schoolwork.” You can read it here and watch my first ever Facebook Live video on the topic here.

BLUNTmoms picked up my essay, “Marching to the Beat of His Own Drum.” You can read it here. (Drum update: He likes it!!!)

And finally…

FROM THE VAULT: The Public Bathroom Manifesto. Because little boys and public bathrooms happen. You can read the Manifesto here.

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Happy reading!


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