On The Run: July 2016


I have a confession to make. I’m enjoying the summer with my kids.

Have I heard “Mommy” a few too many times? Yes. Have I fetched 10 billion snacks and icy cups of water? Yes. Have I had less time to write, think, and watch OITNB? Yes!

Still, on the cusp of August with five more weeks of summer to go, I’m not looking forward to the back-to-school grind. Not yet, anyway. My positive attitude might have something to do with my kids being at camp this week and next, but I’m also beginning to understand that these summers are numbered.

Before I tear up about my babies not being babies anymore (and about the thought of making school lunches), here are links to all of my work in July.

  • I had an original piece about my experience watching “Finding Dory” with my son published on The Mighty. You can read “What Dory’s Memory Loss Reminded Me About My Son With Sensory Processing Disorder” here.
  • On July 8th, The Runaway Mama turned six! Every year on my blog’s anniversary, or blogiversary as the locals call it, I go back and read my very first post from July 8, 2010. You can read “Hello!” here. To all of my readers new, old, near, and far, thank you for your love and support along the way!
  • Apparently, I will stop at nothing to teach my kids a lesson in personal responsibility. You can read “Rain Is Never a Good Excuse” (except when it is!) here.
  • The Huffington Post published my award-winning humor essay on preventing lice! If you think lice doesn’t happen over the summer, you probably also think the Apollo 11 moon landing was a hoax. You can read “The Runaway Mama’s Guide to Preventing Lice” here. (Warning: Explicit language and psychosomatic itching ahead!)
  • I wrote about how a conversation with my son made me ponder adulthood. You can read “Adulthood: Being One vs. Feeling Like One” here.

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Happy reading!


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