A tricky, mother forking friend

Oh, Anxiety. You tricky, mother forking friend!

You don’t just rear your ugly head when things are bad. Nope. You also ring the doorbell—unannounced, I might add—when things are flipping fantastic!

You came when I lost the 1st grade spelling bee and when I got into my first choice college. You came when I needed a colonoscopy and when I crossed the finish line at my first 10K. You came when my dog died and when I became a mom. You show up at every IEP meeting (thank you very much) and you clapped the loudest at my “Listen To Your Mother” performance this weekend.

Screw you!

I know your foolish games, and I’ve got two words for you: You win.

You win because you always show up… but I prepare for your arrival.

You win because you’re predictable… and I’m one step ahead every time.

You win because you’re trite… and I know every trick up your sleeve.

You win because you stare me down… but I look you in the eye.

You win because you’re loud and chaotic… but I’m focused.

You win because you doubt me… but I persevere.

You win because you drain me… but I know how to recharge.

The benefit of having anxiety as a bestie is that I’m always rooting my feet into the Earth, paying attention to my breath, and reminding myself to be present, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

As I approached the microphone at “Listen To Your Mother,” I did so with steady hands, a full and grateful heart, and the poise to connect with and respond to the audience.

You, my toxic friend, might’ve clapped the loudest at the end of the night, but my resolve drowned you out. And it was mother forking amazing.

You’re the best, Anxiety. See ya soon.

Photo credit: My mom ❤



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