From a Sweet Ass Hole

Good morning! I hope you’re not waking up to a terrible mess-over. A mess-over is like a hangover. It’s what moms feel the day after Mother’s Day, when if they celebrated properly, they took the day off from doing household chores and their typical Sunday routine only to wake up on Monday morning to a sink full of dishes, a pile of laundry to be folded, bills to paid, and groceries to be bought.

My mess-over isn’t so bad. I actually did a lot of chores yesterday, but it was my choice. Cleaning the kitchen and going to the grocery store calmed my anxiety. I even baked chocolate chip muffins and slow cooked chicken for the week ahead!

Don’t worry. My husband and kids were wonderful. They showered me with cards and pictures, and my husband made me an amazing dinner while I caught up on my favorite shows.

Speaking of cards, the homemade notes and personal messages were the best! My nine-year-old wrote me a story about being a superhero mom. He said I was as smart as Albert Einstein and as brave as a chicken in the oven.  He also mentioned several times that I cook the best pancakes. 

My eleven-year-old skipped the Mother’s Day project at school. Apparently, they wanted the kids to write a thoughtful poem and draw pretty flowers. My son walked right up to his teacher and said, “This is not how we do Mother’s Day. In our family, we go to the store and buy the most inappropriate cards we can find.”

He’s right. In our family, we go straight for the fart and poop jokes. It’s humor or bust in our brood, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope your family showered you with love and appreciation on Mother’s Day… just like my “sweet ass holes” did for me.

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