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(My) Silver Linings Playbook

This post isn’t about the new movie, “Silver Linings Playbook,” although I do want to see it.  Bradley Cooper + a Boston accent = hubba hubba!  Actually, it’s supposed to be an excellent movie.  But, I digress.

This post is about the silver linings I’ve been searching for all day.  You see, I think I was a tad bit too grateful earlier this week.  As a consequence of all of my optimism, today was pretty much a repetitive slap in the face.

Just like Black Friday, it started yesterday.  Dylan’s bronchitis shadow has been following me all week.  Yesterday, I knew it was imminent.  This morning, It was upon me.  This silver lining was easy to find:  My primary care doctor was on-call and more than happy to call in two prescriptions, including cough syrup with codeine.  See, that was easy.

Next, we had to cancel our babysitter.  There’s nothing more depressing than canceling a babysitter.  The only silver lining I have for this one is the cough syrup with codeine.

Moving on.  I had an ultrasound of my thyroid this morning.  It was no big deal, but during the procedure I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe – just maybe – this is the time when the (healthy) jig is up.  If you’ve ever had an ultrasound, x-ray, MRI, CT scan or colonoscopy, you might understand the feeling I’m describing.  There’s no hiding when a big, noisy machine is taking pictures of the inside of your body.  Even the sweet, quiet ultrasound, which is done in a warm, cozy, and dimly lit room, can yield disastrous results.  Still, for all of my paranoia about my health, I’m not overly worried about this one, and that optimism, my friends, is the silver lining.  That, and health insurance and a great doctor (the same one who prescribed the magic cough syrup).

When I returned home from the ultrasound, I discovered a huge crack in the windshield of our new car.  It wasn’t there when I drove the car to the grocery store earlier in the morning, and it only sat in the driveway after that.  The only silver lining I have for this one is that when the car eventually gets its first big ding in a parking lot, I won’t go batty because the big-ass crack in the windshield will have drained me of all of the new car battiness I had.  Sigh.

Finally, the long-range forecast for Dylan’s outdoor birthday party in the park next Sunday, December 2nd is lookin’ pretty bleeping wet.

I know anything can happen in seven days, but it doesn’t matter.  The seed’s been planted.  I’ve already started online shopping for rain ponchos.   The silver lining for this one is a stretch, but here goes:  Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck.  (It rained on mine!)  Perhaps the same is true of outdoor birthday parties in the park?


How was your Black Friday?

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It was amazing. Beautiful condo. Beautiful pool. Gorgeous beach. Great food. Good company. Was it relaxing? There were definitely moments, but it was mostly like transporting our home routine to a really lovely beach backdrop. Still, the change of scenery was great, and I had some precious opportunities to lounge by the pool with my Kindle. (Still reading “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” by the way. I’m not a slow reader as much as I’m a constantly interrupted mother.)

I mentioned on Facebook that there were highs and lows. I’ll start low. In the course of seven days, we dealt with pink eye (Dylan), a sinus infection (Dylan) and laryngitis (Mike). Besides the pool bar, our most visited location was CVS. On the upside, as I mentioned above, I had some much needed time for myself. Mike and I took turns having alone time at the beach or pool while the kids napped in the afternoons. We even went out for drinks alone one night after the kids went to sleep. (Thank you Grandpa Tom and Grandma Barbara!)

And it gets better. The smartest thing we did all week was take advantage the hotel’s babysitting services. I’m not one to leave my kids with a perfect stranger – which is why I have such a hard time finding a Saturday night babysitter, and hence, why I often want to run away – but I knew if we didn’t have a few dinners without the kids’ restaurant antics then we would, quite frankly, implode.

I was very anxious (surprise, surprise) on the first of what ended up being three nights of babysitting bliss. When our doorbell rang at 5:45pm on Tuesday, my heart leapt. I opened the door and there stood Nadia, a young woman in her mid twenties, nearly seven months pregnant and oozing mommy-ness, and surrounded by a glowing, angelic light. Okay, maybe the glowing light was just the sun setting behind her, but I felt instantly that she was going to save our vacation. She did. The kids loved her as much as we did, and by the time we took them out again on our last night, they wanted absolutely nothing to do with us…or their high chair and booster seat.

On Saturday morning, we packed up the car and made our way south. We came home to a clean house and a happy dog and began the process of unpacking from vacation and preparing for school. I can’t believe my sweet Dylan is in nursery school, and my little Rye-Rye is starting the toddler program three mornings a week. Today is their first day at school and my first morning alone in 17 months.

To be continued…

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