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A Case Of The Funnies


In case you don’t know, I have a Facebook Page that compliments my blog. I also have Runaway Mama accounts at Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. That’s a lot of social media outlets to keep track of for a busy Mama like me. Okay, it’s only four, but whatever. There’s laundry to fold, a kid screaming at me from the other end of the house because he wants icy water, season three of Orange Is The New Black is on Netflix, and, oh yeah, I’m moving in seven days. Like I said, whatevs.

If you don’t follow me on Facebook (and dang it, you totally should), a very cool thing happened on Friday afternoon. It’s actually the second time it’s happened, but because I’m so busy (see paragraph one), I sometimes forget to alert my loyal followers about stuff. (Oops.)

Here’s what happened: TODAY Parents included one of my status updates in their weekly round-up of the best parenting updates on Facebook. True story! I swear!

Here’s the link:

I have so many people to thank for this honor, including all of the other funny Facebook parents who encourage me to dig deep into this wild ride of parenthood, but mostly, I owe my crazy kids a high five and a trip to the toy store for being a constant inspiration and the source of so much rich, hilarious content for my writing.

Talk soon,



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Cause and Effect


The boys have an online reading and math curriculum that they use at school and at home. One of Dylan’s recent reading lessons was about cause and effect. The lesson demonstrated a cause and then showed two possible effects to choose from.

For example: It snowed outside. Therefore,

(A) Molly shoveled the driveway.

(B)  Molly went swimming.

Answer: (A) Molly shoveled the driveway.

Here’s another one: Mitch was hungry. Therefore,

(A) Mitch went to sleep.

(B) Mitch had a snack.

Answer: (B) Mitch had a snack.

You get the idea. Since I’m procrastinating folding laundry, cooking dinner, bathing the children, and doing other Sunday evening annoyances, I thought it would be fun to do a cause and effect quiz with all of you.

1. Mom ensures that the dog doesn’t frolic in the mud pit at the local dog park. Therefore,

(A) The dog stays clean.

(B) Riley falls in the mud pit.

Answer: (B) Riley falls in the mud pit.

2. Mom cleans out all of the old and/or expired food in the refrigerator before putting the new groceries away. Therefore,

(A) Mom is organized and prepared to cook a delicious kale and white bean soup for dinner (that she’s been craving all weekend).

(B) Mom accidentally throws out the fresh kale.

Answer: (B) Mom accidentally throws out the fresh kale. (Oops.)

3. Dad packs his suitcase for a business trip to London. Therefore,

(A) Everyone is sad.

(B) There is a power outage, the cable goes out, and the flush handle breaks on one of the toilets.

Answer: (A) and (B) Everyone is sad, and there is a power outage, the cable goes out, and the flush handle breaks on one of the toilets.

How’d you do?

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