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One Mama-Made Mess

This week has been filled with potential disasters.

One of the boys could have woken up sick on Monday morning, the first day of school.  Riley’s crankiness and funky poops over the weekend were definitely warning signs.  But it didn’t happen.

Dylan could have been swallowed by anxiety when faced with his new classroom, teachers and classmates.  I have a crystal clear memory of him sobbing on the circle time carpet in his nursery classroom on the first day of school last year.   But it didn’t happen.

On Tuesday, I could have been late for my doctor’s appointment in Miami.  The traffic on I-95 from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami was insane.  Every few miles a car erupted in flames or spontaneously lost a front fender.  I’m not making this up!  But I wasn’t late.  In fact, I got to my appointment a few minutes early…and thankfully in one piece.

And Irene!  This category three – potentially four – storm could have been headed straight for Florida.  But it’s not!  It turned north and is headed for North Carolina and then New England.  I feel for everyone up there, but when you live in a hurricane zone, you learn to let that guilt roll off quickly.  No one deserves it, but no one wants to get it either.

I’ve been fortunate so far this week, except for one Mama-made mess.  Let me explain.  I received an unexpected email on Monday afternoon informing me that I was a finalist in the 2011 CBS Miami Most Valuable Blogger Awards.  It took me a few seconds to even remember I had nominated myself for the award.  I ran across the contest online in early August and thought, what the heck, it might be good PR for the blog.  Then I went on vacation and forgot all about it until this email landed in my inbox. 

I posted the voting link on Facebook, and soon close friends and family called to congratulate me.   In my predictable, self-depreciating fashion, I found it impossible to accept a compliment.  I told everyone, “Oh, it’s no big deal.  I nominated myself.”  

Go ahead and try to compliment me.  Tell me my hair looks nice.  I’ll say, “It’s probably because I took a shower today” or “I’m overdue for a haircut.”  Tell me you like a dinner I cook.  I’ll say, “I thought the fish was a little dry.”  Tell me my kids are adorable.  I’ll say, “They look like their father.”  Tell me my kids are well-behaved (it happens on occasion).  I’ll say, “You should have seen them an hour ago.”

I did nominate myself for the award (there’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, right?), but as it turns out, CBS narrowed down the nominees and chose finalists, including me, The Runaway Mama.  So, it is a big deal, and like Irene, I’m changing my path.  Instead of deflecting praise, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been so kind and has congratulated me on this surprising honor.

If you’d like to help an unsuspecting Mama out, please click on this link and vote for The Runaway Mama for the 2011 CBS Miami Most Valuable Blogger Awards.

You can also vote by clicking the “Most Valuable Miami Blogger” badge at the top left corner of this blog page. 

**You can vote once a day until September 9th**


Thanks for your continued support!

Have you avoided any disasters this week?

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