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Attention Tween Boy Moms!

I’m so thrilled to have a brand new, original, never seen before essay about raising a tween boy on “That’s Inappropriate Parents” that I’m flossing (not my teeth) in my kitchen!

No spoilers, but it’s smelly (amirite?), moody (yes, boys have emotions!), and believe it or not, fun…even when I have to answer questions like “What’s a condom?” 😳

Click HERE to read “11 Truth of Raising a Tween Boy.” Seriously, it’s lit. You’re gonna want to read it, like, now.





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Skittles went to his first vet appointment. The doctor examined his coat, joints, and genitals. He listened to his heart and checked his eyes, teeth, and breathing. He scrutinized his build and shape. When he held Skittles up to survey his chest and belly, Skittles kissed his nose.

In his notes, the vet wrote “acceptable.”

I laughed. Exceptional seemed like a better word to describe the sweet little ball of cuteness that fell asleep in my arms during his checkup. “Does that mean he’s not show dog material?” I asked with a smile.

He laughed. “His lower jaw protrudes further than his upper jaw, and his nose is quite flat.”

“Happy and healthy is what we’re going for,” I assured him. “If that’s ‘acceptable,’ we’ll take it.”

The lesson here is that acceptable (tolerable, bearable, meeting only minimum requirements) is the new exceptional (outstanding, extraordinary, remarkable).

Wishing you an acceptable day.

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