Week In Review

Shopaholic Mama hasn’t bought anything but groceries, gas and diapers in nine days.  And it hasn’t even been hard.  Bring on week two…

Guilty Mamas!  Wow, my “Spectrum” post was my most viewed post since I began my blog almost a year ago.  I definitely struck a nerve with Guilty Mamas, and I can’t wait to explore it further.  The Guilty Mama Project is born!

The Chores Chart.  Both boys did great the first week.  They did their chores, got stickers and earned a reward last Sunday.  I gave them Cars II beach towels and sunglasses (all purchased before shopaholic rehab began).

Dylan is still doing great.  Riley, on the other hand, lost interest completely.  When I ask him to do something, he looks at me with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes and says flat out, “no.”  I think he’d flip me the bird if he knew how.  I’m trying not to take it personally, especially after making him such a beautiful sticker chart, but he’s probably a little too young for chores.  I’m going to keep the focus on Dylan and let him reap the rewards of doing “big boy” stuff.  This week’s surprise is a baseball (Mike bought it, not me).

One more thing…

Riley, at two years and two months, peed on the potty this week.  Once.  He sat there until he was purple in the face and had a little tinkle.  This is great news, but now he wants to “pee potty” everywhere we go and repeatedly, especially in restaurants.  As a result, Mike and I have blacklisted him from restaurant outings until further notice.

Dylan didn’t potty train until he was almost three and a half, an even then he did it with great resistance, so Riley’s early (in comparison) interest is unexpected to say the least.  I don’t mean to discourage him, but his incessant and fruitless public restroom “pee potty” attempts are making me want to flush him down the toilet.  And, yes, I feel guilty for saying that.  I may have to go shopping this week for teeny, tiny pairs of underwear.  It’s a legitimate purchase, right?

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