I’m very aware of time today.  Riley woke up at 4:45am.  I talked him off the ledge and got him to fall back asleep until 5:15am when Dylan woke up crying and woke Riley back up in the process.  I spent three hours with my kids this morning before I even had to get them dressed for school.

Dylan has a Timex watch.  It was a birthday gift.  He has no idea how to tell time but he likes to wear it because he thinks he does.  Just like he thinks “betore” (instead of before) is a word.  Before we left for school, I asked him what time it was and he said “one hundred and twenty forty seven.”  Exactly.

For my sanity, which is currently teetering on the edge of a steep cliff, I decided to send both kids to school for the full day.  For Dylan, it’s more playtime with friends.  For Riley, it means he’ll take a nap (God willing), so I packed a blanket and stuffed animal along with his lunch.  I don’t have to pick them up until 2:45pm.

After I left them at school, I went to the grocery store. Maybe it’s exhaustion (Riley hasn’t slept past 5:15am all week), but I found myself moving at a very slow pace.  I had a short shopping list, but I walked up and down the aisles leisurely looking at new cereals and frozen foods.  In case you’re an Alexia fan, they now make frozen Potato Bites (breaded Russet potatoes stuffed with three cheeses).  Can you say comfort food?  I couldn’t resist buying a box to try.

When I got home, I took Harry for a walk and let him pee on every tree and roll on his back like a lunatic in the grass as many times as he wanted.  Then I dropped him off at home and went for a longer walk by myself.  One of my closest friends called while I was walking to tell me her divorce is officially final.  She said she couldn’t believe how quickly it happened.  Two minutes in a judge’s chambers and it was over.  Two minutes plus six months of divorce proceedings and all of the time she spent married to the guy.  She’s the most courageous person I know, and all I can think about is how much time she has now to live her best life.

Now, instead of having to choose to shower or eat or blog so I won’t be late to get the kids at school at 12:45pm, I can do all three.  Because time is on my side.  At least for now.

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