Expect The Unexpected

Whenever anyone asks me for parenting advice, I always say, “expect the unexpected.”  Case in point:

Everything about our Cars 2 plans this week have gone perfectly, except the part where Riley got sick, which meant we had to cancel the babysitter (Grandma), which meant only one of us could take Dylan to the theater.  Of course I bought three tickets in advance so we wasted $12.  Then both of the boys woke up at 5am! this morning, which means everyone is cranky (parents included).  When I explained to Dylan that only Mommy or Daddy could go with him to the movie, he chose Daddy.  Yes, he chose Daddy.  My feelings aren’t hurt at all.  Nope, not at all.  Not one bit.  I’m fine.  Really.  Now Mike is on his way to the movie with Cranky Pants, I mean, Dylan, and I’m stuck at home with Green Nose Cranky Pants, I mean, Riley.

I hope the movie is good.  And I hope Dylan stays awake for it.

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