It’s A Mad, Automatic Toilet-Flushing World

I’m proud of Dylan for wetting his bed.  Last night was the very first night he ever slept without a pull-up on.  Accident or not, for a child who holds on for dear life to everything that makes him feel like a baby, it was a big deal for him to sleep in underwear.

I’m proud of Dylan for not eating his chicken for dinner.  A few weeks ago he would have refused to go within ten feet of a plate with new food on it.  Last night, he ate everything but the new food (chicken and corn), but he didn’t make a peep about any of it being on the plate.  (Progress!)

I’m proud of Dylan for holding his hands over his ears while he peed.  Yesterday, we were in a public bathroom where the toilets flushed automatically.  It was a stressful situation for him, but instead of running away, he came up with a solution all by himself.

Seeing our children for who they are rather than who we think they should be is a humbling experience.  They are strange and beautiful creatures trying to make their way in a mad, automatic toilet-flushing world, and we must always be there to cheer for them, even when it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I feel pride about many things my kids do, but it’s the hard to see accomplishments that truly fill me up.  I know it’s Guilty Mama Monday, but today I’m a Proud Mama.

Any other Proud or Guilty Mamas out there?

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