Salty and Sweet

Today is my ninth wedding anniversary.  The modern 9th anniversary gift is leather and the traditional gift is pottery.  This is funny to me because Mike would love to see me wearing something leather, and I would love to go shopping for pottery.  (We could use some new serving dishes.)

Mike doesn’t like when I mention him in my blog so I’ll change the subject.  Let’s talk about shopping.  We don’t usually exchange gifts on our anniversary, but we do give each other cards.  This year, finding the perfect anniversary card was about as difficult as shopping for jeans that don’t make me feel fat.  It took three separate shopping trips over the course of three days to get it done.  Here are some of the cards I looked at…

Too sappy. 

Too long.  I know the words are blurry in the picture, but you’re 
not missing anything.  I won’t bore you with the inside.

Too misogynistic.  Princesses and fairy tales?  Really?

 Too cute.

 Nice, but kinda boring.

Not my style.  At all. 

 This card goes on an on about how exciting and romantic our lives used to be and how even though we have kids now and we’re getting old, we still manage to love each other.  This might be a little bit true, but I don’t need to buy card about it.  Geesh.

I don’t even know what to say about this one.

 I almost bought this one.
In the end, I settled on the perfect combination of salty…

…and sweet…

Happy Anniversary, MT.

p.s. If we make it to 50, I’ll expect more than just a card.  

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