Blah Day

Today is a blah day.

I didn’t win the CBS Miami Most Valuable Blogger Awards.  Blah.  It’s okay.  I didn’t really expect to win, but it would have been fun and it would have made today a lot less blah. 

Regardless of the results, whether you voted once, twice or everyday, thank you!  I have to give a special shout out to my mom. I think she wanted me to win the award more than I did.  She’s a reference librarian, and during the voting period, she voted for me every day from her computer at home as well as from every computer in the library where she works, which was sometimes as many as twenty times a day.  She definitely outed herself as a Crazy Mama, but that’s exactly what a mother’s love is.  Crazy.  I hope I’m as much of a Crazy Mama to my boys as she has always been to me.

Okay, more blah.  I took Riley to the dentist this morning for another check of his front teeth.  His gums look healthy, but the right tooth is still mobile and starting to get discolored in the back.  A second x-ray also revealed a change in the left tooth upinside the gums.  Our dentist is taking a conservative approach, so we’re on permanent watch and will head backfor another check in a few weeks. 

And some more.  Dylan woke up this morning with a headache and a severe case of the grumps.    Mike noticed that his pupils were extremely dilated, too.  Of course I googled “toddler and headache and dilated pupils,” which was not a very good idea. (This is an example of Crazy Mama in a bad way.)   After reading about all kinds of pediatric brain tumors and neurological disorders, I stepped away from the computer and had another cup of coffee (a glass of Pino Grigio at breakfast would have been inappropriate).  Instead of hightailing it to the Mayo Clinic, I gave him some ibuprofen.  He stayed home from school and I’m keeping an eye on him.  So far Ihaven’t noticed any neurological problems.  In fact, he’s demonstrating an impressively high level of balanceand coordination with the Xbox remote, the DVD player and his cheddar bunnies.

Finally, I’m making meat loaf for dinner.  Sounds blah, doesn’t it?  Actually, it’s a turkey meatloaf recipe with sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese from Giada DeLaurentiis, so I’m hopeful it’s not going to be blah at all.  

If I can take the blah out of meatloaf, maybe I can take the blah out of this day.  I didn’t win the blogger award, but I did get some new traffic to my blog as a result of being listed on the CBS Miami Web site.  Riley’s teeth are loose, but they’re still in his mouth!  And Dylan may not be feeling well, but one of the games he’s busy playing is the LeapFrog “Letter Factory.”  He’s as excited aboutlearning his letters and sounds as he is about buying “Cars 2” on Blue-ray onNovember 1st.  And that’s not “b” for blah at all.  

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  1. don't feel bad, honey! i won but winning is overrated, y'know? the blog stays the same, no matter what. it's great you were nominated!


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