Right now, my life feels like a zoo.  On the bright side, Dylan can spell it.  That’s where we went today because (1) the boys had no school and (2) sometimes you just have to let it all go…the loose teeth, the root canal, and the sensory OT.  Yes, sometimes the best way to get rid of an overwhelming zoo-like feeling is to stand so close to a giraffe that you can admire his eyelashes.

I told the boys to be silly and enjoy themselves at the zoo,and they did.  This is when we first got there:

Shortly after this picture was taken, a bird pooped on the map and we had to throw it out.  Dylan was a little sad because he loves maps, but better to have poop on the map than on us!

Roar!  Actually, the lions were very quiet.
 Dylan and Riley acting like gorillas:
The bee-utiful giraffe!
 Dylan fed the giraffe all by himself.  (Proud Mama!)
 Riley opted out.  He also decided he’s afraid of monkeys.  Okie-dokie.
 This is a “wild ass.”  Really.

It rained.  We got wet.  The sun came out.  We dried off.  Then it rained again. Crazy Florida weather!  But we had a lot of fun, and we were there with some friends, which made it even better.

We’re home now…home from the zoo and back to the zoo-like feeling.  The boys are exhausted and cranky (and I am, too), but the z-o-o was just what the doctor, I mean, the dentist ordered.

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  1. lazarmihai764

    The boys were really silly at the zoo! I like the faces they made!


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