Shopaholic Mama Goes Bananas…

…and artichoke and cantaloupe and spinach and strawberries.  I joined an organic produce coop at the boys’ preschool and today was the first delivery.  For $45, I got two reusable grocery bags filled to the gills with the following:

·     1 container of strawberries

·     2 bags of baby carrots

·     2 heads of spinach

·     1 head ofgreen leaf lettuce

·     1 bunch of bananas

·     5 yellow and green zucchinis

·     1 artichoke

·     1 head of cauliflower

·     2 cantaloupes

·     5 apples

·     9 roma tomatoes

·     10 yukon gold potatoes

·     3 large onions

Check out my beautiful bounty:

If I had walked into Whole Foods to buy all of this produce, it probably would have cost $145.  Right now I’m feeling as smug as an extreme couponer must feel when she gets a week’s worth of groceries for $1.59.  I’m far too lazy to aspire to that, but this – organic produce that I can bring home with me when I drop my kids off at school – I can do.

The challenge now is not to waste any of it. The fruit will be pretty easy to consume, but the veggies will require some effort.  Tonight we’re having salmon burgers from Whole Foods.  There’s spinach and feta mixed in and they’re delicious and I will not tell you how much they cost.  Okay, okay. They’re $5.99 each and worth every ridiculous penny.  At least I’m splurging on food instead of shoes.  Speaking of which, I’ve been pretty good with spending lately, but I digress.

Back to the bounty.  I’m going to make sautéed spinach and oven-baked potato wedges to go with the salmon burgers.  Tomorrow, I’m thinking of making pasta primavera with the zucchini, tomatoes and the remaining spinach.  Since we always end up with brown bananas in our house, maybe I’ll make banana bread this weekend.   Jessica Seinfeld’s book, “Deceptively Delicious,” has a great recipe for banana bread with pureed cauliflower hidden inside (it’s actually really good), and I also found arecipe on her Do It Delicious Web site for artichokes with a balsamic dipping sauce.  Yum.

Do I sound a little bit overly enthusiastic about all of this?  I probably am, but if cooking keeps me from obsessing about my root canal, which is now less than 48 hours away, then it’s a very good thing.  And who knows, maybe the boys will try something new?  It’s possible…  Maybe…  One can hope…

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