Special Pairs

My parents – Grandma Irene and Grandpa Barry – left today.  The house is very quiet and we’re all a little sad because it was such a great visit.  Mike, Dylan, Riley, Harry and I all agree that we miss the pair of them.  A lot.  Sadly, I failed to take any pictures while they were here (no pictures of grandparents + grandchildren = Guilty Mama x 1,000,000).  In their honor, here are some special pairs of which I do have pictures.

You’ve seen these guys before, but the big one is actually new because the original big one broke over the weekend when my mom accidently knocked it off the table (sad hoot).  We went to West Elm on Monday morning and replaced him (happy hoot). Thanks Mom!  While we were there, I bought these guys:
I told you it was meant to be.  The little green ornament is from West Elm and the one with the colorful buttons is from Crate and Barrel.  By the way, The Container Store does have owl holiday wrapping paper, cards and gift bags:
I’ll be back!

This perfect pair is Mike and I on our wedding day almost ten years ago (from our wedding album):

We look like teenagers!  This was way before the c-section scar and varicose veins.  Sigh…  In “Cars 2,” Mater tells Holly Shiftwell he doesn’t want to have his dent fixed because it’s a part of him and his memories.  Smart tow truck.  I’m going to work at channeling my inner Mater.  Speaking of Mater, here’s another perfect pair:

Kickin’ it Lego-style.

And another:

Everywhere Gossie goes, Gertie goes, too (great book for the little ones).

And last but not least:

This is the most special pair of all.  School pictures + smiles = Proud Mama.

Any special pairs in your life?

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