Happy Practice Birthday

Yesterday was Dylan’s “practice” birthday.  My parents almost always miss his birthday in December, so I decided it would be fun to have a small celebration while they were still in town for Thanksgiving.  We had family and close friends over for dinner, cake, and presents and called it Dylan’s “practice” party.

At Dylan’s 4th birthday party, he told us he didn’t want to blow out candles on his cake because he didn’t want to grow up.  I think that was partly true, but I also think he was self-conscious that he hadn’t mastered the motion of blowing air out of his mouth.  At his practice party last night, he blew out all five candles all by himself.  No assistance necessary.  The moment passed quickly, but I’ll remember it forever (I hope).  Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the cake, but it had a Lego theme and was inspired by Dylan’s Lego Crocs. You can use your imagination to envision the cake.

Here’s a picture of all the “Cars 2” Legos he received as gifts (and we spent all morning – and I mean all morning – building):

I have my first official Lego headache.

Before I left Dylan’s room at bedtime last night, I said, “Happy Practice Birthday, Dylan.” He said, “Happy 47th birthday, Mommy.” I said, “I’m not 47, I’m 36.” He said, “But you’re almost 47.” 

Thirty-six felt old enough before Dylan insinuated that 47 was just around the corner.  Then I did the math and realized when I’m 47, Dylan will be 16 and that seemed impossible, so maybe 47 wasn’t going to happen either.  In any case, I’m a Grateful Mama we have several more years to practice.

I decided to let him off the hook for aging me 11 years in a matter of seconds, and simply said, “Good night, sweet boy.  Happy Practice Birthday.”

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  1. 47 is not so bad…. in school today a student asked me if I was born in 1920. When I responded, HORRIFIED, "Do I LOOK 91 years old??!!" she so kindly responded, "Yes!" BTW- love reading your blog posts! :-)Staci


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