Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

But not necessarily in that order.

Off to San Francisco!


How cool is it that the boys got to sit in the cockpit!  The captain was cool, too.  He told them, “Don’t press the red buttons.  Those are the lasers.”  Awesome.

The flight was fine, and the kids were pretty good.  Funny, though, for all of the technology we had (Virgin America TVs, Kindle Fires, a portable DVD player, a LeapPad, and a fierce bag of tricks that included snacks, coloring books, dry erase boards, and new LeapPad games (surprise!), the boys didn’t care about any of it.  I can’t really tell you how we passed the time during the five and a half hour flight (probably the jet lag), except we did go to the bathroom.  A lot.

Mile High Mama (n.): A Mama who bravely takes her two children into a teeny tiny airplane bathroom and survives.


SFO’s AirTrain to the car rental center was pretty cool.  “Like the monorail at Disney World,” Granda Irene reminded Dylan.


All hail the minivan!  We went for the big one because my parents are also here, and even though they rented a car, too, we can all fit in one car if we want to.  Best part about the minivan so far?  When the kids (by choice) sit in the “all the way back,” something miraculous happens.  They don’t whine.  In fact, they’re quiet.  And they don’t ask for stuff because, guess what, they can’t even reach the front seat.  I keep asking them if they’re okay because I’m not used to such peace and quiet in the car.  Run, don’t walk, to your nearest car dealership and buy a (gulp) minivan.  You’ll be a Happy Mama.

p.s. The weather in San Francisco rocks. I’m a Happy Mama in my newly purchased black sweater jacket/wrap/cardigan.  In black.  With pockets.  Cousins are awesome, too.  Look at the welcome pictures they drew for us:

And since we’re still on east coast time, we were up early enough this morning to catch this beautiful sunrise:

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