Short (But Not Sweet)

This blog post will be as short (but not sweet) as our trip into San Francisco today. We got on the 11:15am ferry from Tiburon and were unexpectedly on the 2:30pm ferry home.  Not a long trip, but the longest three hours I can remember.

This is what I know for sure after our brief encounter with San Francisco:

The views on the ferry ride are breathtaking.

The ferry ride was fun (except for the tantrum over the Cheetos, to which I said no).

In the summer, the sea lions go south to mate, which is why there were so few of them barking at Pier 39.  Still, the ones that decided to stay were pretty cool.

Carousels make kids happy.  Or, perhaps carousels make kids evil.  Just after making them really, really happy.  Just a thought.

The only difference between east coast whining and west coast whining is the jet lag.

East coast food issues are the same as west coast food issues.  Nuff said.

Fisherman’s Wharf was fun to see, but truthfully, it was the least interesting part of our San Francisco vacation so far.  I didn’t travel all the way to San Francisco to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. (no offense) or buy a crystal Minnie Mouse.  Although, I am admittedly in search of the perfect San Francisco snow globe.

The good news is that I’m headed back into the city tomorrow (sans kids) to have dinner with Mike.  Do you have any good restaurant recommendations?  Send them quick because I need to make a reservation!

What I know for the “surest” is that (1) parenting is hard, even on vacation and even in beautiful San Francisco, (2) I wish I had more patience, and (3) at three and five years old, my kids are so not ready for big city adventures.

At least the ferry ride rocked.

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