Short And Oh So Sweet

I had the chance to go back into San Francisco yesterday afternoon.  By myself.   (Big thanks to my family for knowing I needed a break from the kids and graciously giving it to me).  My sister suggested I take a bus tour once I arrived on the ferry.  That way I’d see all of the iconic sights of the city.  Good idea, but the original Shopaholic Mama (my mom) had an even better idea.  “If you’re going to be near Union Square,” she said, “go to Gump’s.”

As a former New Yorker, it was great to just walk around, but it surprised me how confused I became once I turned off Market Street.  It was like someone blindfolded me, spun me around ten times, and then asked me to head east.  My paper map was useless, but thank heavens for my iPhone.  The little blue dot in Google Maps lead me straight to shopaholic heaven.

The store is gorgeous.  I wanted to buy every single thing I saw.  I was immediately struck by all of the beautiful animals.  It was like a very exotic, expensive, and breakable zoo!

Not an animal, but so cute!

Of course, I found many beautiful owls, too.

Hoot hoot.

In the end, I bought a few gifts for family and this journal for me:

Hee hee.

Mike met me at Gump’s.  It’s not a big store, but he had a hard time finding me.  He said I blended in with the store.  I took that as a compliment because I ♥ Gump’s.

After we finished shopping, we had a drink at Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern

…and dinner at The Slanted Door.


Next thing we knew we were rushing for the ferry.  It was another short trek into the city, but this time it was oh so sweet.

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  1. That place looks fun! 🙂


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