T’was The Night Before School (Remix)

It’s funny how the more things change the more they stay the same.  In honor of my boys’ first day of school tomorrow, here’s an oldie-but-goodie, “T’was The Night Before School” (originally published on August 22, 2011).  Since I can’t resist a good rhyme, here’s a new verse just to keep things fresh:

The school supplies are delivered (by forklift)

The checks are written (free public school is deceivingly expensive)

The alarm clock is set (my boys are finally sleeping in and now have to wake them)

A morning alone?  This Mama is smitten!

Here’s the original post (in purple for archival effect):

T’was the night before school

And all through the city

The mothers rejoiced

Some even felt giddy

The backpacks were packed

By the door with care

In the hopes that the children

Would soon be out of their hair

The children were (finally!) nestled

All snug in their beds

After whining and crying

And shaking heads

Then the mommies had wine

The daddies had beers

And they all clinked their drinks

And said a big “Cheers!”

I know some kids around the country are already back at school and some don’t start until after Labor Day.  Mine, thankfully, go back tomorrow.  I’m happy about this for obvious reasons – we’ve spent a lot of time together these past few weeks. 

Some of it was wonderful – the beach vacation, leisurely mornings in pajamas and afternoon movie marathons.  Some of it wasn’t.  The boys’ new meal plan has been emotionally exhausting (and so far not very successful), and I’m fairly certain I lost some precious brain cells at indoor kid play spaces.  

The thing that makes me happiest about school starting, though, is that the boys are truly excited.  Riley is still young, but he gets it.  “Go to school?” he asks.  “With Dylan?”  He seems so grown up to me at times, but then he giggles like a madman when I do peek-a-boo and I’m instantly reminded that the little guy is still two.

As you know, Dylan is a complex creature.  He keeps so much inside (in his head and heart) that it’s often hard to know what he’s thinking or feeling.  In previous years, Dylan didn’t cope well with the start of school.  This time around, though, he’s visibly excited.  Every night this week, he asked me if we were going to school the next day.  “Not tomorrow,” I told him, “In four days.”  Then three days, two days, and today I had the pleasure of telling him, “Yes, you’re going to school tomorrow.” 

This newfound excitement about school gives me hope that one day soon he’ll wake up and ask for a bucket of chicken wings for breakfast.  When that happens, I’ll write a few verses called “T’was The Day He Ate Chicken.”

And back to the present.  See? The more things change the more they stay same.

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