A Week Of Lists (Part 1)

In honor of nothing in particular, I’m going to spend the week publishing lists.  Doing so will allow me to simultaneously stay connected to my readers and maintain an inappropriate fixation on my colonoscopy.

If you need to reach me, I’ll be in my happy place sipping non-red, non-purple juice and sucking on non-red, non-purple popsicles.

Here goes!

I’m turning into my mom, which is mostly a good thing.  (I’m turning into my dad, too.  That list is forthcoming.)

Top 10 Ways I’m Turning Into My Mom

  1. I’ve taken to baking.
  2. With a lot of butter.
  3. Early in the morning.
  4. While wearing an apron.
  5. I continue wearing an apron long after I finish baking (or cooking).
  6. I listen to talk radio in the car.
  7. I jot down to do lists on random pieces of paper all over the house.
  8. I worry about apple juice spilling on the carpet.
  9. I have a sensitive digestive system, which is aggravated by long to do lists and anxiety over imagined spilled beverages.
  10. I wish I had a condo on the beach in Aruba, too.

Editor’s note:  I love you, Mom!

Are you turning into your mom?  (Or dad?)  Is it a good thing?


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4 responses to “A Week Of Lists (Part 1)

  1. Your sister

    ha ha ha


  2. Jodi

    We all turn into our Moms..this is when we start to really appreciate them.
    Oh and I LOVED your Moms baking.


  3. LOL! You totally crack me up, Jenny. This was great. I don’t think I’m totally turning into my Mom *or* Dad, but there are definitely parts of me that just overflow with their characteristics and/or physical traits. It would be worth my exploring them all someday, though. Definitely. 🙂


  4. Mothelove

    It’s funny blog is about being like your mother,today at work I shared the day my mom passed and what that did for me.Half hour ago I was looking at our picture saying how good we look,lol.But I’m like my mom all the way,I listen to the same radio station and music she did.We share the same favorite fruit mango and sugar cane and garlic crabs.I tend to talk to my kids as she did me,I had to do something really disrespect for her to discipline me (and that was 1).I’m the same way with my kids.I work in the same career field social service,helping and caring for people.I love it! Thanks for the blog!


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