Today, Riley had his second front tooth pulled.  It began to hurt last week and an x-ray showed a possible abscess growing in the gum, so we decided to pull it.  Actually, it was Riley’s choice, and I’m proud of him for being so brave.  I didn’t blog about it before now, because I’ve been cool as a cucumber about the whole thing.

Are you wondering if someone hacked into my account and is pretending to be the Runaway Mama, because surely the Runaway Mama would not be “cool as a cucumber” in this type of situation?

It’s me, my friends.  It’s the real Runaway Mama.  Truthfully, my anxiety couldn’t be worse.  And it’s not just about what’s happened to me personally in recent weeks.  It’s also that monster typhoon in the Philippines.  And the killer tornadoes in the Midwest.   And that adorable Batkid in San Francisco.   And Sandy Hook.  Those precious 7th birthdays just keep coming.  And the damn healthcare Web site.  And Matt Lauer dressed as Pamela Anderson from “Baywatch” on Halloween.  (That image will haunt me forever.)  It’s Everything, folks.  I have no more room in my head or my heart for anything bad, sad, or appalling (Mr. Lauer).  The concert is sold out.  The flight is over-booked.  There are no vacancies at the inn.

Everything PLUS Riley’s abscessed front tooth should have been the straw that broke my back.  But I’m pretty sure I’m already broken, so even if Riley’s second tooth extraction was a big deal – and certainly it was – it just didn’t feel like one because how could it be when we’re all healthy and alive with a roof over our heads and food in the fridge and a new episode of “The Good Wife” on the DVR.  In all honesty, I lost more sleep worrying that Riley couldn’t have Kefir this morning before the procedure than I did about the procedure itself.

It’s just a tooth, and his permanent front teeth deep inside his gums are in excellent condition.  In addition, he’s a wonderful patient (unlike his brother), and I’ve been informed that being the one dude in his class with a missing tooth has given him some serious street cred.  When his friends catch a glimpse of his new grill (or lack there of) tomorrow morning, he’ll be the coolest cat in town.

Besides all that, symmetry takes the edge off, well, Everything.








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3 responses to “Everything

  1. Great picture – looks very cute


  2. As someone who spends half my time with 7 year olds I truly understand the value of the missing tooth (and even the wobbly tooth gets a fair bit of yard credit). I’m sure he’ll be the first picked for games for weeks to come. (Well done on maintaining your cool, I’m not sure I would have!)


  3. mdog32

    I understand how your other son feels about the dentist. I have a server dental phobia and finally found a very good dentist who specializes in sedation dentistry. i had work done earlier this week and I don’t remember any of it!! It was awesome. Riley is a brave little guy. and those eyes! ~Gina


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