Happy Belated Blogiversary To Me!

I just realized that I missed my Blogiversary on July 8th! I’ve been writing as The Runaway Mama for five years! And I forgot! Holy crap!

To commemorate the day each year, I have a ritual of reading my first post from July 8, 2010 to see if I’ve stayed on mission. I just read it, and I’m happy to say that besides the reference to naps and “The Backyardigans,” I’ve pretty much stayed on target, which is pretty much awesome.

Whether you’re a new reader or a longtime follower, thank you for supporting and encouraging me along the way. In case you’d like to go back in time five years (I sure wish I was about to turn 35 instead of 40!), here’s a link to my first-ever blog post aptly titled “Hello!”


Happy Friday night, Mamas!





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