What’s Cooking?

You guys. I’m attempting something I’ve never had the courage to do before now.

My kids hate going grocery shopping with me as much as I hate going grocery shopping with them, and I can’t help but notice that they’ve been hanging around a lot this summer, so in a desperate attempt to go grocery shopping less often and alone, I’m…(gulp)…meal planning.

Apparently, meal planning helps you save money and waste less food, but we’ll see about that. I did my shopping at Whole Foods, which is hardly the dollar store of the supermarket industry, and I have delivery menus for many fast and delicious local restaurants stored in very close proximity to the refrigerator. In other words, just because I bought a bunch of stuff doesn’t mean I’m actually going to cook anything.

But I really am trying, so I just bought ingredients for three meals. That’s right, three meals! I’m actually dizzy from all of the planning it took, which is why I’m drinking a very tall glass of water before I pour myself a very tall glass of Sunday night wine.

Here’s what I’m most likely perhaps maybe hopefully cooking in my house this week: black bean burgers (from my Vitamix cookbook), turkey meatloaf, and slow cooker maple Dijon chicken drumsticks (both from SkinnyTaste.com).

I’ll keep you posted on this bold culinary endeavor, and if either of the kids takes a bite out of anything I make, you’ll be the first to know…after I alert the local media.

What’s cooking in your house this week?

Talk soon,




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