On The Run: April 2016


Hello May!

April went by fast, didn’t it? On this first Monday of May,  I’m knee deep in the madness otherwise known as the last seven weeks of school. I simply could not be any busier. I’m convinced that just like the hellish last weeks of pregnancy are meant to prepare us for the agony of birth (as in “get this effing baby out of me!”), these hellish last weeks of school (teacher conferences, curriculum nights, 1st grade teas, spring jamborees, book swaps, PTO fundraisers, etc.) are meant to prepare us for the agony of spending eleven (eleven! not that I’m counting…but I am!) unstructured weeks of quality summer fun listening to our kids say, “I’m bored.”

Soon enough, I’ll be dreaming of September. Until then, here are links to everything I did in April.

My packing list today is dramatically different than it was when the boys were little. Read “My New Packing List” here.

Three moms walk into a karate class… Read my essay, “The Best Decision Moms Can Make” on Sammiches and Psych Meds here.

Imagine if you could toss time in the air? Read my essay about motherhood, the passage of time, and the chance to inspire a new dance here.

I went there. I wrote about Donald Trump and how his candidacy is making my job as a parent difficult…and it was already hard! Read my first ever piece published on BLUNTmoms here.

A conversation about my job title (CEO? Head of FEMA?) landed me on Sammiches and Psych Meds’ and Today Parents’ funniest parents on Facebook lists.

I became a Huffington Post blogger! After months (years?) of pitching them, they finally bit. Check out my official HuffPost author page where my essays – two so far! (“The Letter From School I Never Expected” and “Connecting With Boys Offline in an Online World” – are archived.

I put my two cents in on the whole “meternity” mess. Read about it here.

And finally…


Do you play drinking games with your kids? Apparently, I once did. Read “Water Drink!” for some inspiration on how to get your game on.

In honor of Hairstyle Appreciation Day (April 30, 2016), I reminisced about the time my husband went away on business for 17 (SEVENTEEN!) days and I cut off all of my hair. Read “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” here.

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Happy reading!



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3 responses to “On The Run: April 2016

  1. I can take your thoughts on parenting during the DT times, and translate them to relate to any given day after my 8 year old boy has been on the school yard 😀 strength and hearts to you mama!


  2. I just read your post on Mamalode (15 Milestones ALL Parents Look Forward to (Whether They Admit it or Not) and it was peaches. Number 15 was my favorite. Thanks for the laughs Mama.


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