Spoiler Alert: It DOES go by fast.

Hey Mamas,

Remember me? I know, it’s been a while.

I’m thrilled to be published on the Good Mother Project today with an essay called “When We Outgrow Our Path” about the winding journey and changing terrain of motherhood.

Spoiler alert: It DOES go by fast. (I know that was annoying…sorry.)

Here’s an excerpt:

As I tread into the murky and deepening waters of adolescence, I long for the simplicity of our long ago escapades around the little block. I even miss the ones that ended in tears, including mine. When I see moms with babies, I want to be annoying and tell them to enjoy every minute because it does go by fast. I’m not out of the woods by any means, but the physical demands of early motherhood have morphed into something intensely emotional. Everything is still hard, but it’s not my back that aches, it’s my heart.

Here’s the link to the full essay: http://goodmotherproject.com/2016/11/when-we-outgrow-our-path/.

Thanks in advance for reading and sharing and commenting and engaging and all that sweet social media stuff.

With gratitude,


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