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All The London Buildings

Whenever Mike goes away on business, he brings home a special surprise for the boys.  This time the destination was London, and the boys requested snow globes with “all the London buildings.”  Okee-dokie.

Big brother.  Big snow globe:

Little brother.  Little snow globe:

According to Mike, the snowglobes were easy to find.  The problem was that upon returning to the United States (in Newark) and going through customs, Mike had to exit and then re-enter the security area to fly home to Ft. Lauderdale.  With two snow globes.  Filled with liquid.  In his carry-on bag.  TSA officials deemed the liquid-filled snow globes with “all the London buildings” suspicious, and gave Mike a choice – dump them or check them.   Geesh.

To dump them would have been a tragedy of massive proportions.  To check them would have meant he had to check his backpack, which held all kinds of important, un-checkable things. It also would have cost him $35. Damn airlines!

In the end, the love between a father and his sons proved stronger than the convenience of contact lens solution after a long overseas flight. Mike checked his carry-on bag, and the looks on Dylan and Riley’s faces when they saw their snowglobes with “all the London buildings” made it worth the hassle.

Editor’s note A: I offered Mike the opportunity to tell his story as a guest blogger, but he declined.  Actually, he laughed and then he declined.

Editor’s Note B:  No one is more excited about the boys’ new snow globe collection than me.   I have grand plans for our owls and snow globes!  I could kick myself for not buying that owl snow globe from West Elm when I had the chance.  (Yes, I just checked online, and it’s no longer available.  Maybe I can find one on eBay…)

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Happy Father’s Day

It’s six o’clock on Sunday morning and I’ve already given Mike his first Father’s Day gift.  Sleep.  Both kids woke up crying in unison at 6am and I’m the one who got up.  It’s the least I can do for my husband who despite his one-liner about how I’m the one who wanted these kids in the first place is a pretty amazing dad.

I thought about making a list of all the reasons Mike is a great father, but it’s really just that he so clearly loves and is dedicated to his boys (and me).  I should note that he sings great bedtime songs, he builds amazing Lincoln Logs structures, he’s better than anyone I know at playing Kung-Fu Panda (i.e. mock karate) and when we get together with friends, he somehow ends up entertaining all the kids, even the ones that don’t belong to him.  Any guy who’s happy to play with other people’s kids is a darn good dad.

I guess that was a list.

I should also add that he’s a great husband because he totally respects the beast of a job I have as Dylan and Riley’s mother, he always knows when I need a time-out or a refill of my Pino Grigio and he sets up the coffee pot every night so all I have to do in the wee hours of the morning is press a single button.

Yes, he totally deserves to sleep in today…for a few more minutes.

To all the dads in my life and in yours, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


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