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Mama of the Year

I did something remarkable yesterday afternoon.  I’m talking Mama of the Year worthy.  (One could argue that I should’ve done it a long time ago, but this is neither the time nor the place.  Especially not when I’m in the middle of bragging about it.)

You’re not going to believe what I did.  Seriously.  I can hardly believe it myself.  Ready?  I took the boys to our local public library to get their very own library cards.

Oh yes I did!

My mother, a reference librarian, should be particularly proud. I stress the word “should” since I waited so damn long to do it.  Is there a word to describe the act of feeling simultaneously pleased and disappointed?  In my defense, Dylan chewed books when he was a toddler, so going to the library seemed irresponsible.  Since he’s almost seven now, this is probably a good time to shut up.


I marked the momentous occasion with proof pictures.



Writing their names on their library cards!

Hang on a minute.  They got library cards and practiced their fine motor skills?  I need to pat myself on the back.  (Again.)

After checking out a few books, having a teachable moment about how we buy at the store and borrow at the library (a foreign concept for my mini shopaholics), and pooping in the library bathroom (we poop everywhere), we set our sights on the playground across the street.  It, too, was an opportunity to flex my Mama muscles.  I don’t mean to brag again, but I pushed the kids on the swings.  Both of them.  (True story.  I swear.)

And I’m not nearly done.  After our jaunt at the park, I had big – huge – dinner plans.  No leftover macaroni & cheese or frozen chicken nuggets nuked in the microwave for my brood.  (Not last night, anyway.)  No, I had my sights set on a Cooking Light recipe for hummus and brown rice fritters.  You heard me right.  Fritters.  Made with hummus and brown rice.  For realz.

The recipe, by the way, required me to dust off the Cuisinart.


No problem.  Not for this Mama of the Year nominee.  It took a few batches to get them perfectly golden, but I did it.




Ah, just right.  Of course.

Don’t hate me.  No really, don’t.

Dylan tried the fritter* and then immediately gagged in his hands.  Riley liked them until he saw his brother regurgitating, after which he tossed his fritter across the table.  Perhaps I did a little bit too much tooting of my horn, if you know what I mean.  As Dylan often says, no one likes a bragger, which is probably why the evening spiraled into a whining, crying, gagging, fritter hurling, and wine-drinking (me not them) event.


But we did get library cards.



And even though no one ate a fritter (except me**), no one ate a book either.  I guess we can call it a draw.

*Humor and heaving aside, Dylan took a big bite of a new food without hesitation.  Anyone who’s followed our food journey can understand that this was a big deal and a positive step.  I may not be worthy of accolades (as if), but I’m one Proud Mama.  

**The fritters were delicious.  A yummy, easy to prepare, protein-rich, and kid friendly meal idea.  (For someone else’s kids.)

Submit your Mama of the Year nominations in the comments.


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Day One

I did something both crazy and brave today.  Riley woke up with pinkeye.  That wasn’t the crazy or brave thing.  That was the gross thing that ruined my plans for the day.

Since he had to stay home from school, that meant there were five school-free days ahead of us (pinkeye day + teacher work day tomorrow + the weekend + President’s Day on Monday).  Somehow, I decided to potty train him.  Today.  As we speak write.  That’s the crazy and brave thing.

Crazy because potty training is just that – crazy.  And brave because, well, the same thing.  Doing something crazy is brave.  Plus it’s hard to know if he’s ready.  I think he is, but I’m not sure, and false starts suck.  I swear, if people knew what potty training was really like, and if they knew that it’s actually a long, exhausting process that takes months if not years, they’d never have kids.

I’m too exhausted to give you all of the gory details of theday (and there were some), but I think it’s fair to deem Day One a success.  Riley went through about ten pairs of underwear, and I’ll definitely be calling Stanley Steemer next week to get the family room carpet cleaned, but HE POOPED IN THE POTTY!  Poop.  In the toilet. On day one!  I’m one Proud (and sort of Gloating) Mama right now.  And kind of tipsy, too, because a little bit lot of wine was necessary to temper the emotional and physical exhaustion of the day.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures during the day, mostly because that would’ve been kind of weird, but this one, taken after Riley was asleep in a bedtime Pullup (thank god for bedtime and bedtime Pullups!) pretty much sums up the day.

I better sign off now and get some much needed rest before Day Two begins (today’s parenting started at about 4:00 a.m.).  You know that app that let’s you tell friends on Facebook that you’re running three or twelve miles and that they can leave you comments that you’ll hear through your iPod?  Well, I don’t have an iPod anymore because I accidentally washed and dried it (oops), but I sure could use a cheering section right about now.  Consider the comments section on the blog my app and drop me a line.  I’d love to hear from you.

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