Flying Into The Unknown

Sorry I haven’t written much lately. I could’ve told you about the croup-pinkeye-sinus infection-pharyngitis-laryngitis-bronchitis-stomach bug outbreak that systematically took us down one at a time (and still lingers in the house today), but I didn’t have the energy. And then Dylan discovered the world of computer games, which is great because it’s a wonderful skill and he’s getting really good with the mouse, but my computer has become our computer and let’s just say sharing is not Dylan’s strong suit.

Something big is happening this weekend. Dylan and I are going on a special weekend getaway to visit my parents. It will either be the best 48 hours we’ve ever spent together, or it will be two very long days. Dylan has told me at least a half a dozen times this week that I’m not his friend anymore. I ask him why every time, and every time he tells me, “Because Daddy is my friend.” “Can’t I be your friend, too,” I ask? “No,” he says. I’m not offended. I think all kids go through phases when the prefer Mommy or Daddy, but the timing for this trip is either perfect or a recipe for disaster.

There are just so many unknowns:

Will he sleep? I’m packing his AeroBed, so let’s hope he can find his comfort zone somewhere at Grandma and Grandpa’s house before it’s time to fly home. He’s been there before, but not since he was about a year old, so it’s going to feel strange and unfamiliar – the kiss of death for Dylan.

Will he eat? Earlier this week, Dylan declared he could no longer eat macaroni & cheese because he might choke. Macaroni & cheese is one of the healthiest foods he eats because I ALWAYS hide a vegetable, like sweet potato, squash or cauliflower, in the cheese sauce. So, now he’s a vegetarian who doesn’t even eat vegetables. What do you call a person who only eats cheese, yogurt, and popcorn?

Will he survive 48 hours without all 647 of his car toys? The kid has quite a collection and, apparently, they are all very important. I’ve already shown him the one backpack he has to fill with his most favorite cars, and the look he gave me was not promising.

Will he cause a scene on the airplane that results in us being escorted off the plane and detained by the TSA? Dylan has flown before, but not since he was about one. After that flight, we decided we should avoid flying with him until he was flying off to college. My little Dylan has turned into a well-behaved boy, but he has an irrational fear of things that are loud and/or fast. In other words, I’m screwed.

I’ve been prepping him all week by saying things like, “Dylan, are you excited to fly on an airplane to visit Grandma and Grandpa? It’s going to be so much fun!” Or, “Dylan, not all loud noises are scary noises. The vacuum cleaner is loud, but it’s not scary, right? Airplanes are just like vacuum cleaners.” And then he says, “I don’t want to fly on a big airplane. I want to fly on a small airplane that goes slow.” I could explain to him that a 737 is small compared to a 757, but I have a feeling that won’t help.

I’m hoping for the best here. The point of this trip, besides seeing Grandma and Grandpa, is to give him a break from the never-ending sibling rivalry he has with Riley. (FYI: I could use a break from it, too.) I have to assume that no matter what happens, we’ll get there and back with some good stories to tell. And I bet Daddy and Riley will have a few good ones, too.

I’ll be in touch.

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