The Good, The Bad, The Not Great, The Better And The Best

7:15am…The Good.  Dylan woke up dry for the third day in a row.  It only took two nights of accidents (and a lot of laundry) for him to conquer the pull-up. What a relief to be completely done with diapers and pull-ups for one child!  One down, one to go…

Rewind two hours and twenty minutes.

4:55am…The Bad.  This is not the moment when I rolled over in my cozy, warm bed and peeked at the clock and thought to myself, Awesome, I get at least one more hour of sleep.  Two if I’m lucky.  No, it was when Riley woke up eager to play with every toy in the house and, of course, force me to be his playmate.

Fast-forward four hours and fifty minutes.

9:45am…The Not Great.  Riley can keep his teeth…for now.  His mouth and gums have healed beautifully, but his front teeth are still mobile.  As long as there’s no infection or discomfort, the dentist wants to wait two more weeks to see if a miracle happens.  Yes, “miracle” was the word she used.  Sigh…

Rewind sixteen hours.

5:45pm…The Better.  Despite buckets of encouragement, desperate pleading and intense bribery, Operation Chicken has yielded NO consumption of meat of any kind.  However, there have been a few small victories.  I’m pleased to announce that Dylan has added bagels and cream cheese, cottage cheese (in small amounts…according to Dylan, cottage cheese makes him cough) and, as of 5:45pm last night, peanut butter to his food repertoire.  At least it has a lot of protein.

Fast-forward one hour and a half.

7:15pm…The Best

Mike: “Do you need an attitude adjustment?  Let me get a tool.”
Dylan: “What kind of tool?”
Mike: “A screwdriver.”
Dylan: “Daddy, don’t screw me.”

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