It’s National Share A Blog Day (NSABD)!  Okay, I made that up, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how to broaden my reach.  In other words, I want more readers, more Facebook “Likes,” more Twitter followers, a book deal, a talk show, and a boat!  (One with a bathroom on board, thank you very much.)

I like to dream big, but I’m also humble and have a hard time taking a compliment (go ahead and try) and asking for things, so I’d be over the moon happy with just a few new blog subscribers.  I figured since I’ve been entertaining you for almost two years with tales from the crypt Mama-hood (my blog-iversary, blog birthday or whatever you want to call it is just a few days away!), it’s about time you did something for me (said The Runaway Mama very, very nicely).

This is where NSABD comes in.  All I want you to do is share my blog with two people (or 10…that would be cool) (or 100…wow!) in your life.  And because I’m such a good Mama, I’ve made it easy.  Below you’ll see a recap of some of my most recent posts, as well as a few “oldie but goodie” acronym-themed posts – AOC and PVSD – in honor of this one.  And at the very bottom of this page is a new “sharing” button so you can easily share this very post (or any post at all) with every single person on the planet.  Just like that.  See, I did all the hard work for you.  All you have to do is share it.  Because sharing is nice.  And not sharing is crappy.  Here goes…

  • Wonky Mama (n.):  A Mama who has too much time on her hands and takes a dozen pictures of her son mailing his first letter at the post office.  Read “Postal” here.
  • Sometimes good parenting feels bad.  It’s that simple (except it’s not simple at all).  Read about it here.
  • Considering a postnuptial agreement?  Read “Testimony” here.
  • To have or not to have another baby named after a Star Wars character?  Read “Luke Skywalker” here.
  • Planning a trip to Legoland?  For an expert (I use that term very loosely) review, read “Legoland: The Good, The Great, and The Well…” here.
  • Do you like math?  Check out some Runaway Mama Word Problems here and here.
  • Acute Onset Chaos (AOC).  A must read, especially during the summer when play dates are plentiful.  Read about it here.
  • Post Vacation Stress Disorder (PVSD).  Required reading before your next kid-free vacation!  Read “PVSD” here.

Okay, that should do it.  Thanks for helping a Mama out on (fake) National Share A Blog Day.  From one Mama to another, “Abracadabra, please, and thank you” (that’s what Riley would say).  In other words, thanks for reading and sharing!

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